NeoBuild Engineering is an in-house company that performs all types of structural engineering services. This may include a wide range from the structural design of low-rise residential buildings to the performance-based design of high-rise buildings. NeoBuild Engineering has varieties of expertise and knowledge in the building industry. It includes design of light steel frames structures, reinforced concrete structures, reinforced masonry structures, and wooden structures. We are also expert in design of infrastructures such as bridges and railways.

In NeoBuild Engineering there is considerable expertise in optimum design of buildings. Uniqueness of our structural designs is what adds value to the houses we build. The new modelling techniques, as well as the artificial intelligence tools, are employed by the design team to give a near-real feel of the design and allow sophisticated choices to be made. Taking advantages of the new advanced technologies, we make our designs optimum, providing safer structures with less cost for our clients.

At NeoBuild Engineering, we work hard to arrive at optimum designs that combine the aspects of beauty and aesthetics with sound and solid construction, all at the lowest possible cost to the client. NeoBuild Engineering has its own developed specialised construction techniques that are unique to NeoBuild Group, producing the highest level of safety and the lowest level of cost.


Structural engineering of low-rise buildings

We have expertise to structural design of low-rise buildings. It mainly includes class 1 to class 10 buildings. Our services include engineering design of footings, steel structure, light gauge steel framing, design of retaining walls and fences, design of concrete suspended slabs, and etc.

Mid-rise buildings

NeoBuild Engineering has expertise in structural design of mid-rise buildings. It mainly includes healthcare centers, average size hotels and hospitals and etc. Our services include engineering design of piling and foundations, shoring, steel and RC beam-column frames, steel and RC shear walls, RC and PT slab floors, steel-concrete composite floors, stairs and connections, prefabricated and modular design, renovation and strengthening design.

High-rise buildings

NeoBuild Engineering has expertise in structural design of high-rise buildings. It mainly includes structural design of reinforced concrete towers including PT slabs, performance-based seismic and wind design, design Peer-review, wind engineering services, seismic engineering services and etc.

Industrial buildings

Our expertise in this area includes structural design and detailing of warehouses and factories.

Soil retaining walls

Our services in this area includes: Soil-structure interaction design, Geotechnical stability design of structures

Special purpose structures

They include structural design of modern monuments, structural design of billboards, and design of Façade of structures.


Light Gauge Steel Frame

Reinforced Concrete Sructural

Retaining Wall

Footing and Subfloor