Property Development


NeoBuild property developments include end-to-end management of large scale projects such as land subdivision, apartment, town houses, and luxury residences.
Development Management Agreement will give you clarity of the scope we will assist either as a service or acting as the developer during the development lifecycle.

Our expertise in property, development, and investment encompasses the entire process, from site acquisition to final delivery. We work closely with our clients to identify the best feasible projects, and we carefully analyse the market to ensure that the development meets the needs of the local community and its demography.

Our Purpose

We aimed at development from site purchase to assignment and settlement. We help our clients in the following stages:

Our services include

Preliminary Planning

~ Site Research and Selection
~ Cost Estimates and valuation
~ Feasibility and financing

Planning And Development

~ Feasibility Studies
~ Market Research
~ Development Approval (DA)
~ Construction Certificate (CC)


~ Tender and appoint the Builder
~ Cost and budget management
~ Schedule and Contractor Management
~ Quality Assurance/Control
~ RFI/Design Change/Management


~ Placing Property into Service
~ Selling or Leasing property
~ Defect liability management

Stage: Builder to commence Jun23, PC expected Jul24

Stage: Builder commenced Nov21, Internal Finishes, PC expected Sep23

Stage: Builder commences Jul 23, Excavation, PC expected Aug24